About Candice

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom!” – Aristotle

Life can be so wonderfully grand and so incredibly difficult – sometimes all in one day! So it’s not surprising when at times we find ourselves feeling stuck, unmotivated and questioning our career, our relationships and our lives in general – often feeling totally disconnected from what we really want and who we really are.

This is where coaching can be so effective!

While it’s important to touch on why you may be feeling as you are, coaching doesn’t dwell on the past but rather focuses on how you can move forward with your life – rediscovering your values, dreams and aspirations.

The Process

I view the body, mind and soul as an integrated system – so what affects the one, has an impact on the others.

My approach is dictated by what the client is bringing to the session – individuals feeling stuck in their lives will need something different to an entrepreneur looking to find a better work-life balance.

I hold one-on-one sessions, as well as a coaching program, workshops and retreats.

My Training

I trained at the South African College of Applied Psychology as a Coach Practitioner, I’m also a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), carrying an Associate Coaching Credential, which means that I’m held to specific standards and ethics within the professional coaching community.

I am a Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher® and I also teach Yin Yoga – both of which I use as embodiment practices with my clients, as well as to regulate the nervous system.

I am also studying Somatic Experiencing, which is a way of trauma resolution which results in the release of trauma that has been stuck in the body.  My approach with this is to empower my clients to learn how to regulate their own nervous systems, so that they have the knowledge to do it themselves.

Who I work with

In short, anyone who resonates with my story and what I have to offer. These are people of all ages, both genders and at various points in their lives, careers and relationships. Coaching is all about holding the space for an individual to explore their own beliefs, ideas and lives in order to find their own answers – so it’s really about finding a coach who you resonate with and whose company you enjoy.

My Life Story

My life story involves a lot of travel, living in the UK, USA and Switzerland for various lengths of time from when I left home at 18, to now. A fierce dedication to learning more about myself and how I operate in the world has led me to silent retreats, meditation courses, a Yoga Teachers training, sacred feminine workshops and pushing the limits on what is considered ‘normal’.

I also started and ran my own business for 8 years in the online marketing industry, selling it in early 2018 – figuring out how to motivate staff, hire correctly and communicate clearly in a work environment became my obsession for a time.

I’ve had relationships which were deeply nourishing and profoundly hurtful, ranging from holiday flings to a 5-year long marriage which ended in love, but which ended nevertheless. I’m a daughter, a sister, a partner, a boss and I was a wife – so all of these things shape who I am and what I offer to a client in a coaching session.

Some common life coaching topics include:

  • Career decisions or changes
  • Relationships (this includes with yourself, love partner, friends and in some cases even work or a business)
  • A general feeling of listlessness or feeling like there is something more, but what…
  • Co-dependency
  • Life decisions like whether to have kids or not or to move country/emigrate
  • Wanting to reconnect with yourself, your dreams and desires.

Some common business coaching topics include:

  • Work-life balance
  • Figuring out business values in order to drive processes like sales, recruitment and marketing
  • People transitioning from a full-time job to their own projects or businesses

Of course this list is not exhaustive, so if you resonate with anything I’ve said here, then by all means, get in touch!

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