Are You Living On-Purpose?

If you feel like life is just a constant shade of grey, or if you’re asking: “What is my special gift/skill” or “Why am I here”, then it’s safe to say that you may not be living on or in your purpose, because these questions suggest a feeling that there is something more to this life than whatever you’re doing right now.

In this blog post, I’m going to look at what it means, how you know if you’re living ‘on-purpose’ and what you can do to start moving in that direction, if you feel like you aren’t.

What does it mean to be living ‘on-purpose’?

On-purpose has two meanings for me. On purpose assumes that there was some kind of awareness or consciousness around coming into this specific incarnation – so it wasn’t by accident, it was on purpose…

The other way of looking at this is by becoming aware that you have a purpose in this life, and that it’s our responsibility to figure it out and then live that purpose.

I believe that we are all part of the human species, which means we’re all connected – and just like a body, that connection means that what I do will have an impact or influence on what you do. So I have a role to play in this massive human organism that will affect the whole.

Now if you’re reading this and you’re feeling some anxiety, then you’re not alone – even typing this still brings up some anxiety for me, because I can remember so clearly the pressure to figure it out – and figure it out fast because time was a-ticking…

How do you know if you’re living on purpose?

I recently watched the film Bohemian Rhapsody and I left feeling incredibly moved because I could clearly see that Freddy was living his purpose, which just flowed through him effortlessly. The music, the style the energy which he brought into this world – it was a wonderful example to see what it looks like to live in ones purpose.

If we examine people who have excelled in life, we can start piecing together what it looks like if you’re living your purpose. You feel motivated, energised and synchronicity brings opportunities you never thought possible.

So there are clear signs that show you when you’re on the right track – what is needed is a good dose of awareness, to make sure you don’t dismiss them or push them away because they bring up fear or anxiety.

Consider the people in your life who seem to be living in their purpose – what are they doing? How did they get there?

A lifestyle more than a career

Often we start looking for our purpose in our careers, but the more I delve into this subject, the more I’m starting to feel like it’s a lifestyle and not just what I do every day to make ends meet.

But how did we get here?

If you’re between the ages of 25 and 55, when it came time in your schooling to contemplate what you wanted to ‘become’, I’m pretty sure you were directed towards those jobs that brought the most financial security or what would support the traditional lifestyle of having a family, owning a home and making sure you had enough for retirement.

The pressure to conform is immense – fear of not ‘making it’ financially or falling outside of what is considered ‘normal’, drives many of us into jobs which bring very little excitement or joy, or forces us into lifestyles which don’t serve us spiritually, emotionally or mentally.

Living on purpose also doesn’t necessarily mean being or doing something specific. By living in your truth or being true to yourself, you can be an example for someone else – inspiring them to follow their truth.

How do we live in our purpose?

The first logical step would be to find what our purpose is, but this is easier said than done and could require some intervention. This help can come in the form of a career coach, counseling or doing a course which helps you to focus on what’s important in your life.

Finding the answers to ‘Who I am’ and ‘What do I want from this life’ will also give you some idea of where to start – but again, this will take some time for contemplation.

With awareness, we can start looking for the signs, asking the questions, examining feelings and following our hearts desires towards what gives us meaning and purpose in life.

It’s important to note that living on purpose DOES NOT MEAN that you will need to live like a pauper – but living your purpose also doesn’t always sit in perfect alignment with consumerist ideas about the need to have the biggest and best.

Often, living on purpose has an element of sustainability, being mindful of the impact you have on this earth and on other people – so if you’re not ready to at least consider a possible lifestyle change, then you may not be ready.

When I started on this journey I had no idea what the outcome would be – all I knew was that if I had to live another year of just going through the motions, that I would not make it out the other end.

Gifting myself the time and energy to really consider who I was and what I really wanted was scary, but what unfolded from there I could have never imagined possible! I sold the business I’d been building for 8 years, I made some really hard relationship decisions and left my home for 6 months to work remotely and consider what my options were.

This was not easy financially or emotionally and even took a physical toll, but it FELT right and ended up being an incredibly rewarding and inspiring time in my life. The result is that I’m living more on-purpose now than what I have ever been. I’m happier and clearer about where I want to go and who I want to go there with, and I have way more moments of joy and peace than what I’ve had in the past 15 years!

Living on-purpose is the best gift we can give ourselves, those around us and Mother Earth – if you feel the pull to find out what your purpose is, then get in touch!

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