The Non-Linear Movement Method®

What is the Non-Linear Movement Method?

Essentially it is an embodiment practice that helps us get back into our bodies. Embodiment is simply the practice of being with all the sensations of the body in the present moment.

NLMM is one of the tools I use in my coaching program, which facilitates the letting go of tension patterns in the body, allowing you to come home to the body in a way that you may not have felt in some time.

History of the Non-Linear Movement Method®

The Non-Linear Movement Method® (NLMM) was developed by Michaela Boehm, an extensively experienced counselor and facilitator, with over 30 000 hours in-person session hours. Over the past 2 decades, Michaela has been refining this method of guided, self-led movement practice, designed to increase awareness of your internal landscape.

The method is rooted in Michaela’s early training in a Kashmiri Shakta Tradition and is fused with her extensive expertise in working with trauma, emotional closures, and physical contractions in her clients and students; as well as in implementing this technique in her own practice.

In recent years Steve James refined and clarified the method, added original material and contributed significantly to the educational delivery.

How does it work?

Movement is the body’s natural medicine. However, the stresses of our everyday lives and the way we live have left us numb to ourselves and all of the vibrancy of our bodies. This is where Non-linear movement comes into play. It works to unwind us back into our natural, joyful, bodily state.

I’ve written about the losing of ones self and the way back again here.

Here are some of the benefits of this powerful somatic practice:

Smoothing out of the nervous system

The demands of modern life create stress and tension in the body and an overactive mind. This method encourages identifying and unwinding these patterns of contraction relieves the bodily tension and underlying mental loops. The result is a systematic, self-guided unburdening of the nervous system.

Identifies and processes emotions

Through NLMM, the body unwinds and the emotions associated with these tension patterns come to the surface so that we can let them go.

Unwinds trauma patterns

Freeze is one of the results of a traumatic experience, where the body, mind, and emotions are stuck in a state of numbness. The NLMM facilitates a continued movement, which gently opens the freeze pattern.

Increases resilience

Through regular practice of emotional awareness through the bodily sensations, patterns become less pronounced – increasing our capacity and tolerance of the feelings associated with emotion.

Increases responsiveness

NLMM educates the body on how to release and process contractions, stress, and emotional tension. The body becomes highly attuned to all these sensations and can track and release them without anything getting stuck anywhere.

Reconnects us to our bodies wisdom

By focusing on movement, we leapfrog the analytical mind and its loops of tense thinking, allowing the body to take over and do what it needs to do.

Awakens us to pleasure and well-being

As tension, contraction, and emotion are being released, we become sensitized to the body allowing us to feel deeper and opening up to a deeper sense of pleasure and well-being.

Come join my classes

I use this method in my coaching program called ‘Reconnect‘. Get in touch or book a free 30-minute call if you’d like to find out more about this coaching program.

Some logistical points:

  • Non-Linear Movement is done on a mat or blanket
  • Wear anything comfortable and non-restrictive
  • This method can be practiced at any age, fitness level, and mobility
  • The movements are designed to be self-regulating so there is little chance of overwhelming yourself
  • Ideally Non-Linear movement is done on the hands and knees, but can be done in other positions if there are any injuries or discomfort.


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